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Social Media these days is one of the biggest platform for Marketing and advertising. Hence, our overall strategy of marketing revolves around social media. We take maximum leverage of social media on behalf our clients after understanding there requirements and doing complete research accordingly. We create a variety of social strategies for various channels to support our campaigns and reach and initiate conversation with the right audience. We curate content that is interesting and capable ofattracting and engaging audience. We assure your audience share, add content, interact, engage and give recommendations and ratings to your content, services and products. We enable our clients to run campaigns on various social media platforms and guarantee maximum impact using various tools and technical methods.

Digital Strategy and planning

We use our years of experience to curate perfect strategy and plan for our clients to generate revenue and grow their brands. We take a data driven and goal oriented approach that focus on devising a digital strategy. We believe on creating challenging yet realistic and achievable plan. We use various digital tools like keywords and ad words for SEO and to boost our client’s digital presence. Our creative team along with the planners loves to serve interesting experiences for our clients. Doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or a well settled brand, we make sure that our strategy gives you desired results. We have a team of young and talented individuals who are creative and experienced at every step of web marketing process and assures to drive profits and grow your business.

Content Marketing

Today, videos are the most popular content format. Various platforms are making various updates and changes to enable users to share maximum of video content and take out the best from their Social network. Even, google algorithm rewards pages with features such as social bookmarking, social media integration and rich video content. Even GIFs along with videos are a great way to entertain and build saliency of your brand at the same time. Social King has a team specifically dedicated to create shareable and branded video content and market it among mass.
We understand goals of our clients try to deliver the best quality content keeping all constraints in mind. Web videos on various video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, a great way to amplify customer engagement and create awareness about your brand and communicate your business vision by creating a two way communication.
Our strategists and copywriterscreates a content marketing strategy that can do wonders. We help you market your content on various platforms to a large audience that can fetch you potential clients and help you grow your business. We help you achieve your goals of marketing using various technical strategies and tools.

Graphic Designing

We believe creativity is a form of imagination. We, here at Socialking believes on making the imagination and thinking visible. Our talented team of enthusiastic designers understand the taste of your brand and the audience associated with it. We believe on breaking the ideology of conventional stereotypes while pushing the limits of creativity. We follow an approach to keep the creatives aesthetically balanced and simplified and depict a strong concept after understanding the complex needs of our clients. We try and find the way to audience’s heart using our creativity and convey the message our client wants to deliver. We focus on keeping the graphics to the point and easy to understand, yet eye catchy.

Web Design and Development

We always have an eye on the technical advancements and UI trends and we’re always ahead of them. We make sure that we keep user’s journey short keeping our designs simple yet most efficient to keep the experience easy for the audience. We flaunt our capability of hitting design deadlines and exceeding the client’s expectations. We keep our web design services simple and precise keeping your business goals in mind and working closely with you on each step of design and development. We keep the websites user efficient, well-optimized and designed to achieve your goals. We also develop applications for various platforms.
We don’t like to keep our clients waiting and ensures that all deadlines are hit and development is conducted in flexible and agile manner.

Film Marketing

Films are a great source of entertainment and requires a huge budget. If a film works well on box office the makers earn a lot of profit and if it flops the makers can doom for years. Today when promotion and advertising plays an important role in success of a film, digital market is like the backbone of marketing. We help the makers target the desired audience segregated on age groups, demographics, interests and income group as well. We understand that while making a film content is the king, but even good content is useless if it doesn’t reach the right audience and a large audience. Socialking helps you market your content and promos on various platforms among the mass audience.
Biggest edge a filmmaker gets while working with Socialking is that we are the pioneers in Social Media marketing services with already a large number of resellers globally and this reflects in the commercials we pitch.

Influencers Marketing

Using social media influencers in your marketing is the practice of building relationships with the people who can build relationships for you. Whether an influencer’s audience is small or large, an influencer can reach consumers via their blogs and social media networks that your brand may not be able to. We make the task easier for you by reaching out the influencer you are looking for. We help you collaborate, create and promote your videos to your target audience and get you the results you expect.