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Today Social Media has become a great platform to represent your brand. It is not wrong to say that you can sell just anything here. It is as important to have a social media presence as it is to have a website. But, what if people are mistakenly more active on the other accounts with same name as yours or your company’s name?

It is not only misleading your audience but also affecting the credibility of an individual or a brand. These things can be avoided with a verification badge. The coveted checkmark badges known as verification badges offer various benefits to the account holders. It enhances their social media presence, increase credibility, and build an unseen link with the fans by creating a direct connection.

The most used and popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give their high profile users an ability to request a verification badge. But, they have their different criteria to verify an account and it is still unknown to a layman. But Social King helps you get your account verified with professionals and proper procedure that needs to fulfill some requirements.

You can find out if your account is eligible for verification or not by filling the form below. And if not, what you need to do to make it eligible.